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Sunday, 30 November 2014

The fate of Kenyans

By Murigi Ndung’u
As Kenyans celebrate their freedom from the colonizers, the real masterminds of the ideological capitalism, the true value of the same has not been achieved. As a matter of fact, the frenzy of the Africans inability to utilize their freedom is one big quagmire. The reality dawns now as they discover that neo-colonialism has already set in, nay set in with the greatest significance.
Poverty drives people to fight for the stomach rights, but quite logically as presented by the legal affairs; an agreement is reached, archetypal to modus Vivendi. The agreement mostly entails the fight for ‘justice’ that is not occasioned by carrying of jembes and forks but the carrying of machetes and guns, and bayonets.
The killings experienced in the Kenyan territory are not a new idea, it is a mine. A mine to harvest and discover the hidden goodness of the territory whereas the big guns are busy exploiting what the good is found in the nation. It is a puzzle that most countries endowed with minerals and other goodies are always unstable, the irony of richness of the country.
When people are poor, they are in the fight for ‘justice’ and when wealth sets in there is again fight for ‘justice’. The class differentiation intoned by the difference actuated by the petit bourgeoisie, and the lower proletariat has a bigger say in the matters of the country.
The rich countries will work day and night to bring the efforts of the ‘third world countries’ to a naught, so that continued dependence may be the oversight of power. Africa is not poor; the inhabitants are the ones who are poor, courtesy of the west.
Since Kenya discovered petroleum, instability has been the order of the day, and ethnicity is blamed and called into judgment, and the whole world sings of how Kenya is rife with tribalism and disquiet.
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