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Monday, 1 December 2014

My dear tree

By Evaline Chepkoech
Tree my dear loving friend,
To you I cry, I salute you,
It’s you I cherish, I feel bad,
When you get hurt I moan for days.
Your sweet melodious songs, no one
Else can play,
How soft and soothing they are, in
Day time under the sun,
At night under the moon,
Dear tree you comfort us.
My whole life depends on you,
The chair on which I sit,
The bed, which supports my weight,
The desks we use in class;
Not forgetting the house in which I live,
You need credit for this.
The shade that you give me,
By your looks, surely you shelter me
Against the wind you care for me,
You provide me with food,
And you ever entertain me,
With drums made from you.

Building materials come from you,
Your roots hold our dearest resource
They also allow water to sink,
Forming underground water reserves,
From these rivers flow and quench the earth.
Evaline Chepkoech is a student of Ol-Arinyiro Pry School.
Original source: Laikipia Maliasili

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