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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The Big Question to Kenyans: Is Mining a Curse or a Blessing?

By Faith Kisiangani
In 2012, news about the discovery of oil in Turkana caused a lot of excitement among Kenyans. While the mining industries in developing countries most of which are located in Africa are considered important on their economies, Kenyans need to look at the negative impacts of these mining activities on ecosystems.
Mining activities could threaten the lives of entire communities. Cases of such negative impacts have been observed in Kwale and in Kilifi Counties where titanium is being mined and in Kitui County where some coal mining has begun.
The establishment of the mines often results in the removal of all standing vegetation. Apart from this, indigenous communities get relocated from their ancestral homes in order to pave way for the mines. Community natural water surface sources become contaminated.
These experiences should act as a lesson to Kenyans to ensure threats posed by mining on the environment are minimized. For more information visit African Biodiversity Network See also
Source: Laikipia Mali Asili.
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