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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Farmers attend a field day held at Dimcom

By Samwel Nyaga
Farmers and agriculture stakeholders on February 26, 2015 attended a field day held at Mr. Edward Muriu’s farm in Dimcom village, Ol-Moran Ward. The theme of the field day was:”Good seeds for improved yields.” The event was graced by among others Mr. Charles Keru, Ol-Moran Ward Administrator.
Among the exhibitors included; Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Tree Is Life Trust (TILT), Pioneer Hi-bred Kenya Limited, various community based organizations as well as individual farmers.
Speaking during the event, Mr. Charles Keru, Ol-Moran Ward Administrator urged farmers to embrace agribusiness in order to improve their livelihood. He said that it is important for farmers to develop a farming strategy in order to effectively plan their farm enterprise.
He said that Laikipia County government through the Homestead Economic Empowerment Programme has started promoting poultry farming, rabbit rearing and kitchen garden as a way of empowering farmers.
“The only way that we can be self reliant is to seek for extension services from agriculture officials and to implement the advice that they give. We need to improve our agricultural practices, “said Mr. Keru.
Mr. James Kamau, Ol-Moran ward agriculture officer stressed on the importance of crop diversification as a way of improving food security. He urged farmers to cultivate fast growing and drought resistant crops in order to enjoy better returns even during dry spells.
He informed farmers that the Agricultural Sector Development Support Program (ASDSP) is currently implementing three value chains in the County. He said that farmers will benefit particularly from post harvest maize management and hay making.
Mrs. Elcy Kigano, Ol-Moran Ward, Agribusiness officer with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries informed farmers that the Ministry aims to promote kitchen garden as one of the ways of uplifting the economic status of smallholder farmers.
The open day provided farmers with an opportunity to learn about an integrated chicken rearing cooking stove, seeds variety that should be used in the area, various drought resistant crops like chickpeas, cowpeas as well as best agricultural practices.
Farmers were also able to learn about rabbit rearing and various fruits like tree tomatoes, thorny melon and passion fruits.
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