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Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sipili WRUA launches Sub Catchment Management Plan

By Moses Ndung’u
The Sipili Water Resources Users Association (WRUA) on March 6, 2015 launched their Sub Catchment Management Plan (SCMP). The event which took place at Sipili Assistant County Commissioner’s (ACC) office compound in Laikipia West brought together various water stakeholders in Ol-Moran Ward.
The launch was attended by besides Sipili ACC and members of Sipili WRUA, Tree Is Life Trust (TILT), Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA), Laikipia Wildlife Forum (LWF) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.
The SCMP was developed by Sipili WRUA in collaboration with WRMA, Arid Lands Information Network (ALIN), Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, United Trust and local national government officials (chiefs) through support from TILT.
Speaking during the launch, Mrs. Alice Nteere, Sipili ACC promised to work together with Sipili WRUA to protect water resources in Sipili Sub Catchment. She said that she will help WRUA in enforcement particularly when it comes to people cultivating in riparian areas.
Mr. Thomas Gichuru, Director TILT noted that SMCP is an approach that enables the involvement of stakeholders in planning and sustainable management of their water, land and related resources for improved livelihoods.
Sipili WRUA members during the development of the SCMP
He said that the SMCP will enable Sipili WRUA to improve the status of the catchment and water resources within their jurisdiction. He promised to support Sipili WRUA in the implementation of the SCMP.
“We have been supporting WRUA’s to not only come up with SCMP but also to implement them. We are keen on water resources protection hence the reason why we are supporting such initiatives,” said Mr. Gichuru.
Mrs. Rahab Nyururu from WRMA said that water users will have to register with WRUA and get permits for water. This she said will help regulate the usage of the limited water resource.
She said the SCMP will provide a way in which water users can effectively share the limited water resources.  She noted that excessive abstraction of river water for both irrigation and domestic use in the upstream areas usually leave very little water for downstream users hence resulting in water conflicts.
Mr. Joseph Maina, Sipili WRUA chairman said that Sipili WRUA was founded on June 6, 2012 by the residents of Sipili and its neighbouring locations under the water resources act of the constitution 2012.
The association was intended to make a more civilized platform for the utilization of water resources and safeguard the local dams and reservoirs. This will in turn help to alleviate the standards of living of the water users and prevent any conflicts that may arise.
He said that they have been engaging in activities that include basket making and growing of indigenous crops.  He noted that the benefits of registering with WRUA include tree planting in the sub-catchment areas and provision of employment to the youth.
 He noted that they have set up sub-committees that deal in the different aspects of the community that include finance and welfare.
Sipili WRUA will use the SCMP as a basis for undertaking intervention and catchment protection in the region aimed at protecting the natural resources and above all improving the lives of the communities along the water catchment.
The SCMP will also promote the already existing natural resources, enhance livelihoods and climate resilient groups within the Sub Catchment. The SCMP will cover a period of five years.
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