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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Police fight armed cattle rustlers and recover 47 heads of cattle at Munyu village

By Joseph Mutua

Cattle rustlers armed with Ak-47 riffles struck Munyu village of Mohotetu location in Laikipia district, and drove away with 47 cows.

Their was however short-lived after police and members of the public pursued them and recovered the cattle some 2o kilometres from the village.

The robbers raided Mr. Muriithi’s homestead at around midnight and drove away all his cows while shooting in the air to scare away anyone trying to prevent them from their mission.
Speaking to Laikipia Rural Voices Mr. Muriithi said the thugs arrived at his homestead and fired several times in the air to scare him and the neighbours before moving to the cowshed where they drive the animals away.

The administration police officers from Muhotetu chief’s camp arrived half an hour’s time but the robbers had already disappeared into the night with the loot.
The police then joined the villagers in the rescue mission and pursued the robbers who by then had moved several kilometres from the village.

When they finally caught up with the thugs police fired in the air forcing the attackers to flee into the bush abandoning the cattle, which they drove back home.

Mr. Muriithi, the owner of the cattle thanked the villagers and the police for helping him to recover his cattle and as a way of parting their back slaughtered a bull the following day, which they all feasted on.

Cattle rustling cases in the area are rampant and the resident are appealing to the government to post more police officers in the area in order to beef up security.

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