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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Smart move for two way benefit

By ELVIS NDERITU ryecharis

I was chit chatting with a buddy last week and guess what? I think it’s the best way to get information so far. We started on a casual talk about school; both of us are students by the way. Latter on our talk drifted to politics or is it ‘politricks’?
On the first Sunday of December 2011, there was a fundraising at the Sipili Parish Catholic church though I did not attend personally. The main agenda as I understood was to buy a car for the current priest. I thought it was okay but my friend seemed to have a different opinion however we did not argue about that. 

Considering all that should be I thought this people pulled one stunt by planning. They perfectly planned on a rainy day. You think that’s not enough? Well you are right! They also planned on how to catch the big fish in a small net. However small the fundraising was, there was one guest who really intrigued her.

 Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri, the MP for Laikipia East. I heard he arrived sometimes in the afternoon and you can guess what he encountered. Due to the previous day’s rain, the road to Sipili from Kinamba was not in the best condition, for his car- I missed out the model-, what an understatement! The road was incredulously impassable. He had to park at Njorua, almost 5 km from Sipili and trekked all the way to Sipili on the muddy road.
 What amused me was my friend’s reaction to this. She was seated outside the church hall- I mean she is a youth- and saw this rich dude arrive in a suit she said was familiar, and when she recalled where she had seen it, it dawned to her this was the Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri. I had to stifle a smile and inquired why on earth she would recognize a person by his dress code and thought because she hesitated then it was something intrinsic, to all ladies? I will look into that.

So I asked her about the amount the MP donated, but first she told me of the politics. The MP is garnering votes for the 2012 elections as … she could not clearly remember but it was either Senator or Governor, and my question again was, was the Mp for Laikipia west present? I mean this was his constituency. And to my dismay, he was not. If I had probed deeper, which I feared, may be he was on the guest line. Or he simply was out; and may be even out of Politics and Politricks. An objective conclusion though!
The issue of coming on foot was a heat up. This executive walked 5km to here; this guy has charisma if you asked me. He then talked about the issue although the people were used to such tales ever since yeah-long periods. This edged him up the vote ladder and dipped someone for sure but who knows? Politics is unpredictable, is it?
The Hon. Gave Ksh 100,000, that was cute I would say.

Well, do you imagine then what those of us who frequent the road undergo? Especially during the rainy season! The question lingering in the minds of residents is if someone is not doing his or her job well!! The bottom line is that something needs to be done. And if it is not done, it must be done!!!

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