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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Rush at Sipili market ahead of kenyans independence day

By James Maina
As Kenya prepares to celebrate her 48th Jamhuri day this Sunday the residents of Sipili division in Laikipia West district would be seen busy making purchases at the local market in their hundreds.

The market was flooded with cereals, vegetables and potatoes from outside and within the division.

“I bought all these goods to counter any shortage of food that might arise since there are a lot of people doing their shopping today,” said Mr. Nderitu Miaro, a farther of three from Kahuruko, some two miles from Sipili.

The entire town was filled with noise as customers bargained for the various goods while the merchants called on passersby to buy their wares.

“The market is not as favorable as I had expected,” Ms. Esther Wairimu told Laikipia Rural Voices as she displayed like wheat among other cereals for sale.
Kales were selling at five shillings per bunch while a kilogramme of wheat was sold at ksh 100.

Mr. Jamleck Mwangi who operates a butchery at the town said over 100 customers bought meat from his shop in a period of less than eight hours. “I had not expected such a high demand for meat,” Mwangi said.

Mr. Miaro however expressed fear that many men and the youth might indulge in excessive drinking of alcohol and advised them to drink responsibly to avert chaos. And other negative issues that come as a result of irresponsible drinking.

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