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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Carrying liquid or solid money? The security query technology seeks to answer

By Ann Kinyanjui

Money is a necessity through out the world. That is why people move up and down doing or searching for jobs while others try out different businesses in order to earn some cash.

Although money is used in our day to day life, people try to save as much as they can for the future. There are several ways of keeping and carrying money. They include depositing in financial institutions, individual mobile phone accounts, and credit and debit cards or even carrying it in ones pockets or keeping it under a mattress.

The issue of security both for the money and the owner then arises and this is where technology comes in. 

I was following a discussion between two of my colleague teachers Thairu and Songoi of Sipili primary school. The two had a heated debate on how money should be kept and carried.

After the lengthy discussion over several cups of tea, save for the cold evenings in Laikipia, the two concurred that soon people will no longer be carrying notes or coins with them. 

Instead, they will be carrying credit and debit cards, automated teller machine (ATM) cards or at least have the money deposited in their mobile phone money transfer accounts.

This will enhance peoples’ security and the safety of their money as they will only need to carry with them a card or a mobile phone as they go for shopping, travelling, office or any other place, thanks to the ever advancing technology. 

This will be a wonderful move and I can’t wait to see it fully operational with the total population especially in the developing countries like ours having embraced the much needed technology.  

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