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Saturday, 18 February 2012

The role of education and skill building in the community

By Mbuthi Jeremiah

Education for the youths especially in rural areas has its role in preparing them for basic academic and perhaps trade skills.

Mentorship clearly builds needed trade skills. If modest amount of cash and land can be combined with a bit of agricultural skills in a temperate climate, it can give way to modest societal wealth.

As has been mentioned, education for women will allow for reduced family size, an important poverty reduction method in its own right.

While all components mentioned above are necessary, the portion of education pertaining to the variety of skills is needed to build and maintain the infrastructure of a developing society.

Building, plumbing, electrician, sinking wells, farming, transport and mechanical skills among others courses are clear needs among many people especially the youth, if the society is to move out of its state of poverty or survival.

Yet, many developed western economies are moving strongly away from the essential apprenticeships and training on skills, which offer a clear vocational path out of modern rural poverty.

Let the community inhabit job creation and self empowerment rather than just rush for scarce employment opportunities. 
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