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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines; Lovers’ day

By Ann Kinyanjui

Valentines is considered a very important day especially for those in love or for people who are close to each other. Many people refer to it as ‘Siku ya Wapendanao’ Swahili for lovers day.

Take a walk in your neighbourhood today and you will realize a good number of people in red. When you ask them why, their reaction will be like “today is Valentines Day don’t you know?” But if you probe them to tell you how the famous day came to be, very few of them will be in a position to explain.

Today I know many especially the young people, otherwise referred to, as the ‘dot coms’ will be buying presents for their lovers and friends. Those who happen to be single are possibly searching for friends through social networks on the internet.

Supposing I was a man, this is how I would make my lover happy and joyous on a big day like today. Since she would be expecting something from me in form of a gift or at least a card during Valentines, I would organize for a meal that she likes most, buy her a present, and then I welcome her to share the meal a day or two prior to the D day.

As we enjoy ourselves, I would then surprise her with the present. She would obviously be shocked since her expectations were that she would not receive a gift anytime before Valentine’s day, but still feel happy because the present has come her way. I would then use the Valentine day to take her for an outing and I know she would really enjoy.

Many people have been waiting for the day. Just look for ways that will make your partner happy. If you do not have one, put more effort, you might get one. If you will not be lucky enough to get one by the end of the day, take heart, there is always another time and who knows you might be lucky during next year’s Valentines day.

I wish you all a happy and joyous Valentine’s day.

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