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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A wake up call for gender equity

By Regina Waridi

In the past few years, women have been struggling for emancipation .The   modern woman is now fighting for equal positions as her male counterparts. Their struggle is evident in how they have established themselves in  women advocacy groups which include lobby and self-support groups.
She is now questioning and challenging some of the traditions that have always held her back.
The modern woman no longer accept this state as divinely ordained .She is fighting for positions in education, leadership ,inheritance, management and also in acquiring of wealth.

Gender discrimination on the girl child is deeply rooted and embedded in our traditions .Some societal practices such as female genital mutilation, bride price, confinement to specified areas demean and humiliate the person of a woman.

A man should be sensitive to the needs of his partner, mother or sister, and not treat her as a lesser human being. She might be less masculine, but with hidden abilities and full of ideas.

I believe that this world is neither for male or female feet, but for those determined to bring change, it is for those who carry developmental conscious minds, those that will touch other`s life with courage. It should be a world belonging to everyone, with no one feeling lesser and deprived than the other.

It`s time we rid ourselves of all the drawbacks and move on, learn to treasure others and live to wish the best for them. Unless we accept that we are all equal, let us forget birthing out anything new on earth.

In order to bring development, we must first develop ourselves and work on our attitude, and with these, a colourful, prosperous future lies ahead.      

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