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Friday, 23 August 2013

Pomp and colour as Sokopepe is unveiled

By Elvis Ndiritu

Exhibitors from Left; Flora, Andrew, Joyce and Francis Kiarahu
 Thursday 22 August 2013, is one of the most memorable days for the residents of Sipili. They woke up to a colourful event marked by ALIN to celebrate the unveiling of Sokopepe an on-line marketing platform.

 Sokopepe and citizen journalism taking place at Ngarua Maarifa Center, were the focus of the event that started with hefty preparations from as early as 8 am. before long, the open field in Sipili centre was a beehive of activities as visitors- who had come to showcase their activities arrived. The event set off at 10.00 am. 

Farmers and institutions wanting to share knowledge were beyond the host’s estimation. Volunteer youths and Citizen journalist from Ngarua Maarifa centre, ran up and down to work out how to provide extra stands for the arriving exhibitors.  

The tents were well decorated with orange and green and were arranged in a spectacular manner thus attracting a huge crowd.

When the day was still young , the shows continued and the sokopepe stand attracted so many farmers who came to witness the unleashing of this platform, one of its kinds in Laikipia County. Several farmers registered with the platform.

Soon there were speeches from main stakeholders, the area county assembly representative was welcomed and he gave way to the deputy county commissioner who cut the ribbon and unveiled sokopepe.

Balloons of orange and white colours were released to the joy of the children who ran after them indicating the happiness even though they did not fully understand the main subject matter of the event.

A dance crew hired by the event organizers also gave people a light moment as the huge gathering sipped the sodas. Later on a photo session attracted many people who posed to capture this memorable moment. A sumptuous lunch awaited the guest at the catholic social hall.
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