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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Last purge of IDPs resettled in Laikipia

By Nasky Benson and Peter Njogu

The remainder of thousands of people displaced during 2007-08 post election violence in Kenya, finally have a reason to smile as they receive land from the government. The I.D.Ps who had been living in Kirathimo near Naivasha, are expected to be settled at Kabage area of Rumuruti district.

About 120 IDPs had run away from Kirathimo and set up another temporary camp at Karaba, citing deplorable living conditions in the former camp. They have been at Karaba for the last four months where they were provided with food and shelter by the state.

The land to resettle them is just a few kilometres from their make-shifts, each of them will be allocated approximately two acres. The government will also construct a house for each resettled IDP.

A government surveyor, today, started demarcating the land and the work is expected to be completed in the next one week.

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