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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Catholic youths hold retreat at Ol-Moran parish

By James Mwangi
Catholic youths from Sipili, Ng’arua, Muchungui, Muhotetu and Ol-Moran parish held a two day retreat from 15-16, August, 2014at Ol-Moran parish. The retreat which was held outside the parish old hall provided the youths with an opportunity to interact as well as share life experiences.
The meeting was also attended by the Host priest, Father James Giacomo, Host Patron, Peterson Muthua, Youth Chairman of the Denary, Samuel Wambugu, Muchungui parish priest Father Sandro and Sister Monicah as well as various patrons and matrons from the various parishes.
The meeting also provided the youths with an opportunity to be introduced to the various patrons and matrons.
The first day of the retreat was dedicated to interaction. The host Chairman, Muchoki and his fellow youth nicknamed “break first” led in the evening entertainment.
The second day was preceded by morning prayers before various youths started sharing their life experiences.

The new church building in Ol-Moran Parish under construction
James Makala shared a touching life experience which left most of the youths in tears. Makala grew up in a poor family. His parents depended on brewing illegal brew. One day his mother was arrested and imprisoned. Their father then abandoned them. Makala and his younger brother Kagiri who was seven years old at the time had to feed themselves.
They ended up becoming street children. One day Makala attended a meeting where a nun was guiding street children. After listening to the story of Saint Agatha, he received a revelation. He stood and told the nun that he will no longer sniff glue and he will start rehabilitating himself.
One day he was on his way home from church when he was arrested by police in a case of mistaken identity. He was taken to the police station where he was forced to bribe his way out.
“The police officers disagreed on how to share the bribe. During the argumentone of them took out his gun and shot me. This is why I lost my right hand. Right now I even depend on my wife to tie my shoe lace as I cannot manage to do that,” said a sorrowful Makala.         
He urged the youths to ensure that they are not blinded by money as it can lead them astray. Today Makala is working at Saint Martin as an advocate for justice.
Father Sandro narrated how he met Makala during a conference that they had both attended. Makala had then informed him that he preferred to remain with his half hand rather than having a replacement. This he had said would always remind him when washing his face that he should always stand firm and fight for justice.
“I have actually benefitted a lot from this retreat. The story of Makala is really touching. I will always stand and fight for justice. I will never use my financial ability or power to harass my fellow citizens,” said Angeline Wambui, a youth from Sipili Parish.
The retreat concluded with a mass which was conducted by Father James Giacomo. He urged the youths not only to beautify their bodies but also their hearts.
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