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Friday, 29 August 2014

The faces of climate disorder

By Murigi Ndung’u
Climate change is increasingly becoming a big challenge in Kenya. It is now a peril of almost eternal effects that is staring on our very face. Kenyans are now faced with the only option of trying to cope with it maybe by holding awareness rendezvous or other kind of informative barazzas, with the intention of bluntening the effects that are literally gnawing at the quality of our lives. This is a very tyrannical era when everything seems to fail.
It is quite disheartening though, that the human beings are the sole cause of this disorder that now are a real danger to our very well being. The expectations of the 10% tree cover are almost a blur kind of imagination that is only left to the unrealistic world. The way the state of environmental degradation is growing and heightening with every dawn, we could as well count on a worse tomorrow.
People enjoying the natural beauty of the planet

Fine, how to present all this is quite another sort of rocket science. The rise in the levels of methane and carbon dioxide is another disastrous pandemic that albeit not visible to the human eye, it could be the worst kind of occurrence that haunts humanity. Animals are known to use oxygen for their biological normal functioning and the danger now posed is on the very lives of people, the residents of the earth!
To be frank, an idyll commoner has always been kept out of this kind of cognizance, not because they don’t care but they are not aware. At this point you get the reign of personal interest in its worst.
Scientists scramble in vast endeavors’ to create artificial oxygen for sale, another source of income! When the ignorant humanity is busy destroying the very habitation they are in, other great minds are inventing new ways of making money.
When people put their lives on stake and allow callous trading on their lives, that is when they become slaves and victims of their own ignorance. The top class elites now have full grip on them as they become full dependents on them. They have to worship them and do all kind of dictates they burden their shoulders with.
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