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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sipili division locked out from KDF recruitment

By Bob Aston
The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruiting teams consisting of the Kenya Army, Kenya Air Force, Kenya Navy and the Defence Forces Constabulary visited Rumuruti on October 1, 2013 to recruit Service members and Defence Forces Constabularies. The exercise was held at Rumuruti football stadium. Potential candidates were required to bring with them current original national identity cards and academic certificates/testimonials.
KDF recruitment exercise during a past event
During the exercise Sipili division residents were turned away as KDF group claimed that they are from Ng’arua which falls under Nyahururu. Incidentally the previous day some Sipili residents had gone to attend the recruitment in Nyahururu but they were turned away and told to wait for the recruitment in Rumuruti.
Most residents who hail from Sipili said that they have always been attending recruitment drives at Rumuruti but this time round they were turned away as they were told their ID should indicate Ol-Moran and not Ng’arua. Sipili division was initially carved out from the larger Ng’arua division. Most of those living in Sipili have their national identity cards indicating that they are living in Ng’arua division. Only those who have taken identity cards recently have their identity cards indicating Sipili division.
Dejected Sipili residents who had turned up for the exercise were reduced to spectators as they watched the ongoing exercise from a distance. Most of them had left Sipili very early in the morning to attend the recruitment exercise.
During the recruitment drive KDF team informed all potential candidates reporting to the recruitment centres that they should come from the divisions of their respective counties. The candidates were taken through a vigorous process which started with a running competition. Candidates who made it though the race were then taken though another process which involved verification of their citizenship, age group, education qualification, fitness level and whether they have any criminal record.
The recruitment exercise finally ended at 5:00 pm.At the conclusion of the exercise five (5) male and one (1) female were picked to represent Laikipia West district.
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