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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Motor bike spindle injure nursery school kid

By Ephantus Kiptanui
 A nursery school boy was on Friday injured on the leg by motor bike spindles. The incident occurred in the morning at the school gate, opposite Kahuria Estate in Sipili. The boy’s left leg was accidentally trapped between the spokes and the chain box of the bodaboda he was being carried on.
Screams from the kid attracted residents who came to his rescue. The motorbike was laid down then the kid was pulled out.  
The kid sustained minor injuries and was rushed by the residents to the nearby Sipili Dispensary where he was treated and later discharged.
Eye witness alleges that the kid was too young to be carried on a motorbike and that he was not seated properly.
The motorbike owner said that the boy was trying to climb down from the motorbike when his leg accidentally got stuck.
The residents of Sipili decry the rising cases of bodaboda accidents in the area. “Increase in accidents has been contributed to untrained bodaboda operators in the area,” said one of the residents.
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