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Monday, 18 November 2013

Group sets sight in reviving neglected cattle dip

By Bob Aston
Majani Kimugu Cattle Dip Group in Muhotetu division, Laikipia County has set its sight in reviving Kimuu cattle dip. The group which was formed in 2012 has partnered with Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programme (SACDEP) to revive the neglected dip.
The cattle dip was built in 1999 but was neglected during 2009 drought in the division. It was not being used during that time hence there was no funds to maintain it.
Picture of the neglected Kimuu cattle dip

 Initially Majani Kimugu Cattle Dip Group used to charge each farmer Ksh 10 per cow to dip their livestock, however this became a challenge as some farmers wanted to dip their livestock on credit.
“At the moment members buy acaricides in their homesteads to spray their livestock. This is an expensive undertaking,” said Susan Wambui, Majani Kimugu Cattle Dip Group Treasurer.
The group believes that they will be able to dip more than 400 cattle’s per day once the dip resumes operation. They are currently mobilizing the local community to support their initiative as they believe that the whole community will benefit once they start using the dip.

Sustainable Agriculture Community Development Programme, Regional project Co-ordinator Andrew Munguti asked the group to ensure that they have a strong constitution as well as a good management team so as to ensure that the cattle dip will not be neglected again.
“We have revived over 20 cattle dips in Kenya. The dips that we have revived are still running to date,” said Munguti.
Picture of Kimuu cattle dip
“Dips were given to community without any organized structure. We are reviving them using a structured organization,” added Munguti.

Livestock plays an important role in the economy of Kenya. Majani Kimugu Cattle Dip Group recognizes the importance of livestock. The group says that once they finish rehabilitating the dip it will increase income to the farmers.

“If the dip collapses again we are the ones who will be blamed. We have to try to ensure that the project helps the community and the group members. We have tried before and we know that the dip has a lot of advantages,” said Joseph Ndigirige, the group Chairman.

Dipping of cattle is said to reduce tick borne diseases. Majani Kimugu Cattle Dip Group believes that they will be able to reduce tse tse fly in the area. The opening of the cattle dip is now set for December.
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