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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Sipili card designer creating a niche for himself in the creative industry

By Bob Aston
Creativity industry has struggled to reach its full potential in Kenya, but for the past one year, a 30 year old man from Sipili Division, Laikipia County is leading the way by designing cards.
Victor going through his work
Victor Gachigi has been designing unique cards for special people since September 2012. He did fine Art in high school and generally loves Art. Art has been his hobby since childhood but he never got to explore his talent until last year.
The idea of designing cards came as a coincidence to Victor. He was walking in his shamba and found banana fibres. He decided to try to use the banana fibres to see if he could use it to design cards. The outcome was encouraging and hence the card making business was launched.

Most of his designs are inspired by nature like wildlife and local environment. The gift cards are unique in design as they are made using natural materials like banana and grass fibres.
“I was looking for a platform to express myself as well as a means of earning an income,” said Victor.
Victor normally makes gift cards, get well cards, thank you cards, season greetings, Easter Monday, winter cards, wedding cards, invitation cards and congratulation cards.
Some of the cards designed by Victor
“Early this year, I travelled to Nyahururu to take some samples to Spears Supermarket. I then headed to CleanShelf Supermarket afterwards. I was called a week later by Spears Supermarket,” said Victor.
Victor could not manage to transact business with Spears Supermarket as he did not have Electronic Tax Register (ETR) as well as KRA pin. He was then called by Cleanshelf supermarket and asked for the same. The supermarket agreed to put an order despite Victor not having ETR machine, he was required to get KRA pin. He was also advised to register his company as well as obtain ETR machine.
“I am glad that Ngarua Maarifa Centre assisted me in getting KRA pin free of charge,” said Victor.
Victor has already delivered four (4) dozen cards to Cleanshelf supermarket. He has been informed that once the supermarket runs out of the cards they will give another order.
Kenya’s Constitution recognizes the value of the creative industries to Kenyan society. In particular it notes that “every person has the right to freedom of expression, which includes the right of freedom of artistic creativity”.
“I would like to urge youths in Kenya to explore their talents. You will only manage to reach your full potential when you do that,” said Victor.
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