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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Snake found in Woman’s house in Kaharati

By Alice Wagura

Kaharati residents in Laikipia County were on November 14, 2013 amazed to find a long snake in one of the homesteads. Eunice Wanjira was dressing his nursery school boy when she spotted a long black object coiled in a heap of clothes; her husband had just left for work.

On closer inspection she saw the object move and realized that it was a snake.She hurriedly removed the kid from the house and dashed to the neighbours house to seek for assistance.The two returned shortly and found the snake trying to escape.

They started screaming while calling other neighbours.Soon a large crowd gathered outside her house.Men picked sticks as others gathered stones before entering to kill the reptile.
“I had never seen such a big snake since I moved to this place,” said Eunice, adding that she had not been getting eggs from her chicken for the past three weeks. ‘‘I tried to investigate the cause or lay a trap to try and catch the culprit in avail,”
She suspected that the snake could have been invading food stuff like milk from her kitchen. Eunice’s homestead was like a ‘museum’ as people from Kaharati, Naibrom and neighboring villages thronged her house to view the body of the snake. The snake was burned the following day, snakes are regarded as bad omen in the Kikuyu community.
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