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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Tactics of mass Psychology

By Murigi Ndung’u  
This is no rocket science though; it is the study of evaluation elements of how the behavioral change is affected by mob generalization. To shed more light to this, it is noteworthy to understand as a person grows the independence wears out in a mass speculation.
Most people develop their idea of a living with what-will-I-look-like precept in their mind. How they will come out, the opinion of others is what fuels their actions. Let us now turn to the youths. Albeit the busy lot, there are still some youths whose destiny is not clear.
Let us shift our view to the pubs, the cinemas, the pool tabling halls and so on. It is common knowledge that a young man who doesn’t attend this social place is no ‘adult’ at all, that is, according to the dictates and patterns of modern society.
 This is the intimidating language that though harmless, it has emptied the innocent youths off their morals, cladding them in crudeness. A boy of years of age below 9 as independent as youth of 15-35 years, this is because many of them are forced by circumstances to walk in peers, a feature of mass psychology, do as peers do, act as others and imitate the most illogic weirdoes that come into the market.
To get acceptance into adult sociality, it is adjacent to a rule that one must do as others do. Peer pressures, mob fanatism, common and unquestioned decisions, among others are the features of mass speculation. It is noteworthy that subtly, a new element is brought into the market and once popular, it is enacted and legalized as a trend which costs a lot of bits dignity.
 This legalizing is done by a group that could brand beautifully even the rejects of the society and people wanting try a new thing fall prey. Social stratification is a snare that has contributed to this and wanting to create equality, an autocratic group blends in trying to bridge the gap, getting the mandate of decision making on what is to enter the market, and then everybody follows.
It is unfortunate that we may fall into the same pit!
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