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Friday, 15 June 2012

The ''man eaters'' of Laikipia west

By Bett Kipsang'

Lions' invasion on peoples farms in Laikipia west has become a menace! The canines yesterday ate three donkeys at Nyakinyua village. LRV has confirmed that two women were also mauled by the marauding animals two weeks ago. Another woman was last year eaten up in the neighboring village the vicious lions.

On thursday, three lions attacked and killed three donkeys in broad day light. The incident sparked a wave of demonstration by residents to Kinamba Police Station. Even before the police officers arrived, the furious residents had surrounded the small thicket where the lions were hiding and provoked the fierce beasts by hurling stones at them. When LRV arrived at the scene, one resident narrated how they have ''scared'' the lions and one of them had emerged form the thicket, with a thundering roar and sped off towards a nearby conservancy. Residents scampered helplessly to escape the lions.

 The whole incident reveals how people are living in total danger. No one could believe that the animals they were throwing stones at was actually lions! It is feared that if the Lions were to emerge, many casualties  would have been reported. In the evening, students from Nyakinyua secondary school came out after school and went through the thicket to their homes, a total risk to their lives.
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