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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A catastrophic dispensation

By Murigi Ndung’u
After the 2008 economic meltdown, a loathsome chronological string of recurrent events have followed. Their effects have been felt nationally, internationally and even in the grassroots level.
In 2009 a severe famine paired with the soaring prices rocked the country’s stability and any prospect of future remedy of the same.
These are the times communities get reasons to be suspicious of their neighbours and decide to get ‘peace’ through blades.
Only it’s very unfortunate that the blades get sated with human blood and fat that nothing remains of humanity to experience ‘peace’.
A hungry stomach is susceptible to give furious commands to the units of the rest of the body. And a battle of hungry people is not easily halted taking into account that it is out of despair.
Most recent is the Maralal ethnical squabble, a real war that claimed lots of lives that even describing the human sadism in its gruesome drape is only inappropriate given the true colours it has continued to display in our nation.
“We are tough, we gunned them out of our sight!” a ‘real’ human being from either of the warring communities would boast. A beastly boast, really inhumane. Killing for satisfaction and pride can never be justified under any circumstances. 
A mother wailing her fallen sons called upon the church to pray for her in her sorrow and grief.
“I need the comfort of the lord and please pray for me.” She said. Though the major 2007 clash Kenyans are far from having learnt a lesson. Communities have continued to harbor unaccounted for animosity that has been a trait of Kenya for some time now.
It is alleged that it starts with a misconstrue among those in power and later gets innocent citizens into the muddle. Those bathed and covered in influence are said instigates the mass bloodshed that doesn’t appear to be obliterated out of Kenya in the near future.
The times are evil and tyranny of men is super multiplied, its time we invite God into our very livelihoods.
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