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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Heavy rains make roads in Sipili inaccessible

By Bob Aston
Sipili stage
Sipili residents in Laikipia County are currently feeling the effect of heavy rains being experienced in the area this month as most roads become inaccessible. The most affected road is the Kinamba –Sipili road.
”Transportation has now become a problem. Travelling to Kinamba from Sipili is now a nightmare. We have to navigate the road slowly to avoid the vehicle skidding or getting stuck,” said one of the drivers plying the Sipili-Kinamba road.

Most vehicles plying the route are alleged to have increased fare. Initially Sipili residents used to pay Ksh 200 to Nyahururu but now the fare has been increased to Ksh 250.
“It took us nearly one hour to reach Kinamba from Sipili. The driver had to maneuver through mud. Only experienced drivers can now manage to drive in that road without getting stuck,” said Victor Gichagi.
One of the roads affected by the heavy rain
Most of the roads in Sipili are now in bad state with vehicles getting stuck becoming a common occurrence.
Two weeks ago the county government started upgrading most of the roads in Ol-Moran ward. Opinion is now divided with some residents alleging that the county government did a good job in upgrading the roads while others say that they made the situation even worse.
The residents are now calling on the county government to put murram in the roads upgraded in order to ease the transportation problem.
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