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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Some basic life principles

By Murigi Ndung’u
Life is a complex quagmire that functions through fate. Debilitating the future of the ignorantly oblivious subjects of life and in entirely different situations bedecking the future of the same. Very unpredictable is fate.
Albeit it’s a totalitarian sort of actor, autocratic in nature and influential, we may get some beautiful tactics to cheat out our course from the blind side of fate, and at least have a say into our destination. These tactics include:
Committing to no one and nothing. This keeps you out of the risk of having to be exploited and having to fulfill promises that could be expensive for you. Avoid giving promises that you could not fulfill.
Despise the free lunch. The act of giving in some circumstances is followed by the give before you take precept. Getting of free gifts has led to the suffering of many. Nations have continued to waddle in abject poverty after getting grants from the international monetary institutions which they have to pay later in triples and quadruples.
Always say less than necessary. The more you talk the less you listen, and otherwise. The less you talk the best chance you get of avoiding the garland of fools that is their babble.
Never put too much trust in friends, learn how to use enemies. Peer relations are extremely subtle but lethal, their effects that come masquerading in ‘friendship’ could haunt their lives forever. On the other hand, enemies will be true to your fault, when your friends colour them, whitewashed sepulchers will your final grand fall.
Once a king on a diamond celebrations festival, in his joy spot an enemy and decided to say hi to him instead of spoiling his happiness with anger and animosity.
“Hello, it’s good to see you here!” the enemy veered his face away and told him coolly, “It’s not good when your mouth is reeking buddy.”
That evening, the king asked the queen in profound fury, “Why didn’t you tell me that my breath is foul?” the wife looked at him and like an infidel caught cheating snorted, “I thought all men have foul breath.” The king was ready to kill!
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