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Friday, 6 December 2013

The end of the past and the beginning of the future for boys

By Murigi Ndung’u
December comes, ushering hefty bumpers of goodies: glamorous galas in a mélange of blitheness and satisfaction. This is the time many get into astronomically priced vacations, family reunions, holidays and meet-again with the long lost friends.
For boys it’s different. This is the season of breeding men from boys, the for good migration from boyhood.
Forming a new age-set, the way some communities like putting it. Boys eager to be ushered into the new life of manhood shun their lackadaisical past and try to drape themselves with a more mature temperament, lest they appear to be mannequins, enormous in stature but lacking in demeanor.
As the knife gets a real slaughter, it could be worthwhile checking some tidbits of the seclusion period. To parents: This period may give them a wonderfully finished product that they will live to be proud of, if and only if they manage who and what gets to their son. Very unfortunately, induction to illicit like beer, bhang and other units of the endless list of abominations may get into your sons head.
It is also imperative that they get a mentor for their son, lest he becomes a silhouette of humanity and lost dignity, instead of getting back a man from a boy, you lose everything.
You could get a smoking young man and trying to find what benefits they get from it they will brusquely tell you “everybody does it!”

But it is nothing to do with everybody.It has got everything to do with 'yourself'. Apart from ushering boys into manhood,the festivals of this era are equally fatal if not well handled.Throwing caution to the air coupled with a labyrinth of foolish peer credo that lacquers their functioning may well come to be a fatally good jeopardy to their future.Remember the actions of your privacy of freedom dictates the level of maturity.
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